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親愛的顧客,美而美在這感恩節前夕向所有的顧客說聲”謝謝你!” 因為有你們一直以來的支持,才得以讓我們在這個艱難時段可以繼續成長。因為有你們的鼓勵和支持,我們不會怠懈,我們會一直的改進和堅持我們所堅持的-品質與服務!也希望所有的顧客也能夠如以往的繼續支持美而美!
美而美感恩節當天以及感恩節週末將會營業服務大家!we will open 11/23-11/27 from 8am-2pm. 但是我們也將在下一個星期休息星期一到星期五 (11/28-12/2), 星期六 12/3 恢復營業

In the eve of Thanksgiving, Cafe Mei sincerely thank our loyal customers for your business. Because of your support, we are able to grow and provide quality food and services even in a difficult year. In the coming year, we strive to be better than we were and continue to serve the best Café Mei breakfast there is!

Cafe Mei will be open on Thanksgiving day and weekend from 11/23-11/27 8-2. Please note the cafe will be closed the week after (11/28-12/2). We will resume business on 12/3. Don’t miss our Thanksgiving special of $3 corn chowder on Thanksgiving day!

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